Double Horse Motor Oil is a branching brand of Mehran Oils. The brands identity has the two horses which reflect the characteristics of speed, agility, and power. The sponsors of Mehran Oils have been in the market since the early 60’s making it one of the leading & experienced oil companies of Pakistan.

Vision Statement

To be in every engine in Pakistan

Nano Technology

In addition we are proud to announce the introduction of "Nano technology" for the first time in Pakistan, available only in Mehran Oils product range. Nano technology is a cutting-edge new age technology providing a 60% increase in engine protection, as well as a 10% reduction in average fuel consumption

Blending Plant

Mehran Oils was established as a private limited company in September 1984 with a major objective to install and operate a modern lube oil blending plant at Hyderabad-Sindh.

The project started its commercial production in May 1985. The plant has a capacity to produce 30,000 tons of lubricants per annum. The plant facilities include a state of the art laboratory to ensure the quality of products in conformity with international standards and specifications such as API, ASTM, SAE, IP and OEM Standards. Since 1990 Mehran Oils has solely been focused on manufacturing and marketing its own brand of motor oil; Double Horse Motor Oil.

What do we believe movement is?

For us movement is not just a physical act. It is not just going from one place to the other, instead movement means going further, achieving more personally and for the people around you.It means creating paths to achieve new milestones, providing financial security for the family, and empowering loved ones.


  • Oil Source

    Base Oil Sourced from National Refinery & Hyundai-Shell Oil Bank Refinery.Korea.

  • State of the art

    State of the art modern blending facility which has been upgraded to process up to group 4 base oils to create synthetic oils.

  • Additives Source

    Additives are sourced from international companies of high repute only: Infineum USA, Afton Chemicals UK, Rhein Chemie Germany.

  • High quality ergonomic

    High quality ergonomic packaging used to avoid any chances of leakages.

  • Manufactured & packaged in Singapore

    Only Pakistani brand which is manufactured & packaged in Singapore via technical collaboration with 3Q performance oil.

  • Tamper proof seal

    Tamper proof seal and individual bar code on each product to mark original products.

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